Transfer money easy, fast and safe from anywhere in Scandinavia

norfex with the extended partners in Scandinavia will give you the possibility to transfer money from anywhere in Scandinavia with only few clicks.

Currency Rates

All rates are in Norwegian Crown - NOK. norfex reserves the right for the possible errors or mistakes in the represenated rates.

Last updated at Sunday 17th of January 2021 , 01:58:54 AM (Central European Time)

Swedish Crown - SEK

norfex buys 100 SEK at nan NOK and sells at nan NOK

Danish Crown - DKK

norfex buys 100 DKK at nan NOK and norfex at nan NOK

Euro - EUR

norfex buys one EUR at nan NOK and sells at nan NOK

American Dollar - USD

norfex buys one USD at 0.00 NOK and sells at 0.00 NOK

British Pound - GBP

norfex buys one GBP at nan NOK and sells at nan NOK

Canadian Dollar - CAD

norfex buys one CAD at nan NOK and norfex at nan NOK

Swiss Franc - CHF

norfex buys one CHF at nan NOK and norfex at nan NOK

Australian Dollar - AUD

norfex buys one AUD at nan NOK and sells at nan NOK

UAE Dirham - AED

norfex buys one AED at 0.00 NOK and sells at 0.00 NOK

Send Money

norfex is a licensed company from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) to perform money exchange and cross border money transfer as a representivate for Western Union with the license number 80201.

Western Union has been offering to its customers fast and reliable money transfer service for more than 145 years.

Western Union's customers can send and receive money at more than 515.000 Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Service Fee

Choose among Basic, Plus and Premium customer plan to enjoy norfex financial services.

Basic Customer

149 :-

Per Month

  • Fair Exchange Rate
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • Only Email Support
  • General Consultancy

Plus Customer

199 :-

Per Month

  • Great Exchange Rate
  • Super Low Transaction Fee
  • Tel and Email Support
  • Investment Consultancy

Premium Customer

269 :-

Per Month

  • Perfect Exchange Rate
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Tel and Email Support
  • Personal Investment Consultancy

Become Customer

You are only one phone call or mouse click away from becoming a norfex customer. If you call us or book a meeting, you will learn that norfex does what norfex does best. norfex handle all the paper work and we tailor solutions to match your needs. Once a customer, you can look forward to many additional benefits.

  • About norfex

    norfex is the trading name of Nordic Foreign Exchange AB, a Swedish based foreign exchange provider. norfex payment services help the people send money and fund safely and quickly and easily to almost all parts of the world. With norfex you can send money anytime, day or night and even on holidays and the money will be delivered shortly to the beneficiary.

  • norfex Mission

    norfex mission is to provide the clients with better and faster foreign exchange services and customer service that provided by the banks. norfex clients includes universities students, small ad medium-sized with regular supplier payments, as well as migrants transferring financial assets, expatriates repatriating funds and individuals investing overseas.

  • norfex Vision

    norfex continually expanding its capabilities to ensure the clients needs are met and their expectations exceeded. Along with an extensive selection of the products, the norfex clients received a customized FX solutions. norfex helps streamline payment processes and implement strategies to avoid the risk of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

  • norfex Aim

    norfex aim is to provide a simple, courteous and cost-effective service to its ever growing clients. As an international foreign exchange specialist, norfex guarantees to provide the clients with a faster, cheaper transfer service than the banks offer.